We Define, Design and Deliver the way you want to work.

Trend Group is a comprehensive project implementation company offering a streamlined approach to office interior design, building refurbishments and upgrades, covering all aspects of the turnkey process.

Whether your project involves relocating to a new space, expanding or consolidating an existing facility or cosmetic enhancements, Trend Group will provide you with bespoke solutions tailored to your requirements.

Trend Group - Our Services
Trend Group - Our Services

Workspace creation strategy

Envision the possibilities

Your next generation workspace begins first with the desire to break away from the norm and to create a working environment that is agile enough to mould itself around the way your company works.

Ready? We'll kick off the process by bringing together all the key decision makers for an exploratory session. We'll first take you through the basic elements of an agile workplace. Then we'll explore possible strategies that will ensure long-term performance in your operation.

Assess the needs

Next, we'll conduct a step-by-step needs analysis.

This aims to pinpoint two realities:

  1. Your present state (where you are now)
  2. Your future state (where you want to be)

To achieve these outcomes with certainty, we'll set up Q & A sessions with key members of your management and staff - ideally representing various disciplines. Candid discussions help us piece together a complete understanding of the needs and wants of your business, now and into the future.

Understand the user experience

To maximise the use of every square metre of space in a way that promotes more efficient workflows, we need to get to grips with how your current space is actually being used.

By understanding the user experience, we can eliminate or consolidate under-utilized areas and advise on how to use your space more efficiently, and therefore cost-effectively.

Think ahead

An atmosphere conducive to seamless business processes as well as easy social interaction makes for a productive, happy work environment and healthy team dynamics.

In planning your new agile workspace, we consider every aspect of your company's long-term objectives. This includes allowance for future expansion, both in human resources and infrastructure.

Trend Group - Our Services

Workspace design

Ideas come to life

Once we have a thorough understanding of how your business operates at present and is likely to develop into the future, the process of detailed design begins.

Experience your future state in 3D

Armed with all the knowledge we need to design a functional workplace, we draw up detailed space-planning documents for your approval. From the approved drawings, our design team develop working drawings in 3D drawings and mood boards - giving shape to the concept.

Finishing touches

Now we begin fleshing out the bare-bones design, by incorporating the details that will bring your vision and our concepts to life.

For many clients, this is the most exciting part of the process - seeing the transformation from initial sketches into design boards with recommended colour swatches, textures, fabrics, furnishings, fixtures and fittings.

Trend Group - Our Services

Construction Management

Choosing the best from the best

Now it is time to deliver on the strategies, concepts and designs that we have been developing in collaboration with you.

When Trend Construction is on the job, you are assured of the best quality of products and realistic prices in all ranges and finishes.

We have long-standing suppliers in every category of material. There are no offline or exclusivity agreements with suppliers; we match the best supplier and the most appropriate product for each particular project. We choose our suppliers on price and BEE status, but most importantly, on quality and delivery.

You'll be kept in the loop, every step of the way

To ensure we deliver on our promise to every client, we've developed a Project Management & Reporting System (PMRS). This helpful tool ensures transparency and on-going communication flow.

When you're a Trend client, you can access the PMRS from our website. You'll have a clear and accurate real-time view of your project's status.

Quality builds our reputation

Our commitment is to build on our reputation for delivering quality construction outcomes and services of all scales and complexity, to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Sticking to this commitment has made us leaders in our industry. We will never compromise our hard-earned position!

Safety matters

The health and safety of everyone involved with our activities is a priority for us. We acknowledge our obligations to comply with Occupational Health & Safety legislation and Codes of Practice, and to do what we can to ensure an accident-free workplace.

We care about the environment too

We are determined to minimize environmental impacts during construction, and will leave your site and surroundings unharmed and clean.

We're proud of our stable record of achieving 5 star and 6 star Green Star ratings from the Green Building Council of South Africa (5 star for SA excellence; 6 star for world leadership), as well as achieving international Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design's (LEED) highest certification levels: Gold and Platinum.


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